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I often look back at the early days of my career and wonder how I have gone from selling a few carpets and rugs on a market stall, to people from all over the world approaching me to be a keynote speaker at their conferences and events.

There was me back in the 1970’s, hoping to make it as a professional footballer (I trained with Tottenham Hotspur and then had a short stint at Queens Park Rangers).  Whilst doing this as a 14 year old, I needed to earn some money so I found myself a part time job in a small local carpet shop.  This lasted a few years until the realisation that I wouldn’t make it as a footballer kicked in.  At that stage, having not really focused on my school work, I had no real alternative but to reluctantly take the full time job offered to me at the carpet shop.

My nature has always been to want to be the best that I can be at everything I do, so once I realised that this was to be my career, I knuckled down, listened, learned, and worked very hard.  It wasn’t long before I started thinking that I would like to get my own carpet shop one day.

Before I was 20 years old, I started my own part time business, selling carpets and rugs from a market stall on a Sunday (whilst working full time in the carpet shop). This eventually gave me the opportunity and then the income  to be able to start my own company.  Philip Berg Interiors began !!

We went from a standing start – a desk in the bedroom of my flat, to taking people on (3 desks and staff working from my garage), to owning a retail outlet in a small local row of shops.  However, whilst we were a very good company and I earned a nice living, we were never going to set any records alight and I often thought to myself …..”is this it ???”

Back in 1997, I was invited to attend a local chapter meeting of BNI (Business Network International, as it was known at that time). Whilst it felt out of my comfort zone at the time, I soon realised that Networking was going to become a very necessary income strategy for our flooring company.

Being the person I am, I wanted to be the best I could be at networking, and I soon learned how to become an effective networker. I became a big contributor to my chapter, consistently bringing visitors and passing many referrals to my fellow members.  In return, I received a lot of qualified referrals,which opened up further opportunities for me as an individual.

After becoming a member of the Leadership team I was continually asked to visit other chapters to share with them the things that had helped myself and my business generate more income through the use of effective networking.  At this point, I was approached by BNI Head Office to help them develop more groups in other regions. My responsibility was to create and train a team of Director Consultants who would then help local businesses generate more income by being able to  network effectively.  My career at BNI has continually grown over the years and  I am now responsible for 1600+ members, and Assistant National Director for BNI, UK & Ireland. In addition I am the Executive Director for the London North East region and Managing Area Director for London North West and Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

In 2007, I had the opportunity to sell my flooring company (funnily enough, to an Interior Designer that had only recently became a member of BNI).  He approached me completely out of the blue and made me an offer. This  gave me the opportunity to pursue my new passion of helping companies and individuals increase their profits, by converting more enquiries into closed business and by ensuring they understand how to network effectively.

Reach YOUR Goals began in 2007 and has now evolved to the stage where my educational CD’s and DVD’s are sold worldwide, and I regularly speak at international conferences about “increasing sales and effective networking”.

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