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Brenda J. Harrison Design Associate at Prefab Granite Depot

I recently attended the Reach Your Goals workshop given by Phil in San Diego and enjoyed it very much. Excellent business advice coupled with humor, I highly recommend Phil and this workshop for anyone wishing to grow their business.

Victoria Ridgway Avon Sales Leader

On hearing Phil speak at a seminar recently I was impressed with how much common sense he spoke! He wasn’t using sales jargon or tricks to make you think you could get more business, but sensible tips that were easy to fit into your existing work pattern, and the day was presented in a ‘take it or leave it’ manner, which for me meant I only wrote down things I identified with – it must have been a lot though as I ended up with 10 A4 sheets of Tips – all solid gold! Well worth a day of anyone’s time.

Ashley Helms Marketing and Digital Media Specialist

I had the pleasure of attending a workshop in Houston in which Phil was one of the guest speakers. I can not even tell you how much I learned in the short amount of time I spent listening to Phil. He isn’t telling you things you haven’t heard before, he’s telling you how to use the things you’ve been told to your advantage. He has so much great advice and anyone running a business of any size would benefit from having him speak to their company. I have recently starting using the techniques and advice that Phil gave and I’ve already started seeing results in my daily business interactions. His work can help you in business and otherwise, I can’t recommend him enough! Inspirational, personable, and an overall great speaker, very glad I was able to meet him.

Angie Montana Managing Director Montana KitchensBNI Director Consultant LNE

A big thank you Phil for yesterday’s ‘Reach Your Goals’ workshop I attended. I found it extremely valuable and I am amazed at the positive benefits I received on the day.

It had been a very challenging time for my business recently, and I had lost the sense of purpose I needed for the business to be successful. You reminded
me that with clarity comes power, and you encouraged me to be very specific about the goals I wanted to achieve, particularly about how much money
I needed to generate each month.

Thank you again for a great workshop…it’s highly recommended, and will definately attend again

Manuel Rodriguez Lavado Co-Founder at Actuar Consultoría en Networking SL

I attended Phil’s workshop in Valencia (Spain) on August 2012, and his performance exceeded my expectations. After the workshop I was able to analyse better on which areas I should focus to succeed and came back inspired and motivated to improve. During some informal conversation Phil ran the extra mile and enriched me with some other tips that I found them particularly insightful. He is very accessible person, passionated about what is doing and he delivers results.

Rebecca Scally Cloud solutions for SMEs

I’ve been trying to think of something original to say about Phil that hasn’t already been said in the many other recommendations he’s received but I’m struggling because all the comments are spot on. I was told by Phil at the begining of his talk to write down the “nuggets of information” that I found useful, 11 pages later I was still writing things down. I’ve put into action the things that you talked about and more importantly, a month down the line, I’m still doing them with great results. Thank you Phil.

Neil Giller Mailing + Door to Door – Marketing via Many Mediums

Phil has been a guru and confidant to me since I met him nearly 8 years ago through BNI. A true gent who always has time for me and anyone else around him who asks for help and guidance. Always chirpy and smiling its never seems to be a chore for Phil as he genuinely gets a kick out of helping people.

The advice and tips passed on during the past 4 years alone (In my BNI Director Consultant position) have made me realise what my potential is which in turn has made me go after what it is I want – THANK YOU Phil!

Work aside Phil has become a very good friend, one that listens yet doesn’t judge, one that helps yet doesn’t hinder. A true friend and great motivator that I would not hesitate to refer in confidence.

One of life’s caring / sharing souls!!

Mark Ballard M.D at Stockline Ltd, Commercial Renovation Specialists, Hotel & Office Refurbishments, Maintenance Suppliers

Been sales training with Phil today and it was fantastic (as always!).
If you haven’t ever attended I strongly recommend him, he has the ability to make everything so simple that you wonder why you hadn’t thought of it yourself!

Dominic Beeton Partner at Beeton Edwards LLP, a new niche property law practice

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop yesterday.

I don’t believe in giving people praise unless it is honestly deserved but I would rate you as one of the best motivational speakers I have ever seen in my 52 year life. I gained my Competent Communicators Award about a year ago from Toastmasters International and have heard a lot of fabulous speeches both in the club and at regional and national competitions but I have seen nothing as professional and natural and witty as your workshop yesterday.

I love the way your presentations are so humorous (I reckon you could hold your own in an alternative comedy club in stand-up) but are so passionately heart-felt and absolutely crammed with “nuggets” of information. I love the way you constantly get reaffirmation from the audience. You use powerful questions to engage the audience. Of course, this stuff gets you fired up and I have invited 3 people to next weeks’ meeting already including our stationery supplier. I am going to grab a load of postcards and start handing them out (another nugget). I am going to carry my card file round more as a conversation starter. I love the yellow slips on a spike and I shall urge my members to display their Award Certificates. As you say, you have to be a total saddo to be really getting the whole BNI thing. I will get some stickers to stick on everything. I think it takes 2 of your talks plus your CD for the message to really sink in.

What is all this grafting about? Surely, we would all love to retire early and spend more time with our loved ones. How true! You are also someone who built up their business using BNI and then sold your business using BNI. So you are a shining example of what BNI can do for your life.

Dave Cordle Creating enjoyment and success in careers and businesses through Professional Career and Business Development Coaching

I attended a one day event hosted by BNI in Surrey at which Phil presented four sessions on various strategies for increasing and growing business.
Phil is a hugely entertaining and engaging speaker. He imparts clear simple messages that if implemented, make a positive difference to businesses (it certainly has to mine).
I have no hesitation in recommending Phil. For a day training this was a very good investment of my time and money.
Thank you Phil.

Azeem Jiwaji Energy and Telecomm’s Professional

It my privilege to have used Phil and his consulting services on a number of occasions with my business activities. Phil is always willing to listen and to offer advice on how best to close those all important deals.

I’m great at what I do, photography, but not great at getting the deal that sells the work. Phil has showed me techniques that I use on a daily basis to help me succeed in my business.

Next recommendation

Dear Phil

A large national photographic conference was in need of a breakout speaker and I new there was only one person for the job. You kindly agreed to attend on a Sunday with short notice which most would have said no to.

Your room was packed out with standing room only. The delegates had 3 choices of speaker to choose that afternoon but it was yours that was over filled.

Wow, what a great session we all had. In the limited time that you were given you gave some great nuggets on how one could improve their business and to deal with objections. I personally know most of the attendees who are amazing in what they do. Some also speak nationally on their subject expertise, but I could see that they were franticly writing down what you were saying and nodding in agreement with your views. Our profession was not your subject matter but your experience and skills were such that any business could benefit instantly by going away and implementing what you said.

One colleague, who I know moans a lot, wrote on his Facebook page that he was coming away from the conference buzzed and implementing the things that you told him to do in the breakout session.

In summary, truly fantastic, very inspirational and without a doubt worth any investment from any business looking to improve their bottom line.

I have no hesitation in recommending you to business associates, so that they can reach their goals as you have helped us to reach ours.

Andrew Rhodes FCA CTA Expert business connector and leading authority on business advancement.

I believe almost all entrepreneurs would benefit enormously from attending a Phil Berg seminar. Phil’s ideas are incredibly practical and easy to introduce but so often missed by most SMEs. The ones we have found particularly powerful are: enhancing relationships with key clients; getting positive feedback; standing out from others in our industry; getting more referrals and showing the value in what we do. Phil is a true inspiration.

Nick Keily Director at North Kent Cleaning Services Ltd

I attended a sales training event hosted by Phil last year and was very impressed. His energy and ideas are great, and all the sales skills are adaptable to your industry. Thanks for a great day!

Peter Hirsch The ‘Dunny Doctor’. Experienced Business Owner/ Director, Home Improvement and Bathroom Industry Professional.

I attended a day’s workshop with Phil and found it very stimulating and motivating. Excellent and more importantly ‘practical’ advice and tips given over the entire day. Thank you Phil!

Andy Vernon Business Development Manager | New Business & Customer Care Specialist | IT Business Management | IT Professional

Phil is a real inspiration. Solid advice delivered in an engaging and motivational way. I feel really privileged to have spent one day with Phil. There are many speakers who can deliver a talk. Phil really stands out by providing a talk that delivers!

Thank you Phil. Highly Recommended.

Louise Monblat Helping people to save money and make money!

I attended one of Phil’s workshop’s yesterday. I found it very informative, motivational and entertaining! Phil helped me to focus on my weaker elements of my business and reiterated the messages I needed to hear – such as always follow up customers – and return to my existing customers to see whether I can do more business with them too.
I whole heartedly recommend Phil to help motivate you in your business too!

Peter Sylvester – “The Harley Guy”  Award-winning International Professional Speaker Inspirationalist through Success Unlimited and BNI

My business has signifcantly changed as a result of Phils guidance and support. His advice is down-to-earth, and SO effective… For an example, take a look at this blog –

Alasdair Ross Managing Director, We do HR Limited

I have known Phil for about 7 years and in that time he has freely offered bits of advice to help me with my business. However I have now been fortunatle to spend a full day with him on Sales Training; learning a wealth of knowledge, tips, advice and guidance – all of which has given me a greater focus on how to gain more clients and be more profitable. To add to this, he did so in a really engaging way, creating deep thinking one minute and relaying amusing but highly relevant anecdotes the next – his experience and success shone through and I can highly recommend going on one of Phil’s courses. It was a great experience, thank you.

Robert French National Director at BNI

I have known Phil for 7 years. He is a highly skilled communicator, and I have seen him present a wide range of topics in at least 4 different countries to diverse audiences.
Each time, he has captivated and moved his listeners with a frank, no nonsense delivery.
I am pleased to consider Phil as a friend and inspiration. He really believes you can have and be anything you want if you are willing to pay the price.

Bernie De Souza International Speaker & Leading authority in helping businesses and individuals in maximising peak performance.

As I am an experienced International Key note speaker , I have seen many speakers/trainers , and Phil , is at the top end .We spoke together at an event last year , with 300 people who loved him , and I have seen him deliver 2 workshops too, again he over delivered , I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to increase sales or get better results on the phone.Good guy too!

Thornton Holmes Owner, Orchid Financial Services Ltd

An accomplished businessman who has got ‘the T-shirt’ Phil has used his vast experience and now coaches and mentors others to “reach their goals”. Phil has given talks on a few occasions at The Business Club North London and I cannot rate him highly enough!

Sam Rathling Making people happy every single day! Transforming lives with Project 10 as a Vi Ambassador

I have been fortunate to get to know Phil Berg through my role as a Director with BNI and in my time in this role I have been both mentored and trained by Phil. I have attended many presentations/speaking sessions given by Phil at various conferences and he is always inspirational, motivating and practical in his knowledge and ideas. Phil always has time to help others and has been instrumental in helping me to improve in my role as a Director in BNI. For anyone who is looking for an excellent professional speaker then look no further than Phil Berg who I can highly recommend.

Dinah Liversidge Mentor and Motivational Speaker

Credible, passionate, committed and full of integrity. Phil is a natural trainer, inspiring audiences to take action. I have worked with Phil at several speaking engagements and am always impressed with his professional approach.
He has helped me identify key ways to convert contacts into clients who keep coming back.
I would recommend Phil to any company that is serious about making change and acting on it!

Ray Gonzales BNI Director Consultant

I first heard Phil at the Nov 2008 international conference in Long Beach. I learned how to properly grow a chapter by helping them reach their goals. The best part was learning how to have a very effective visitor orientation. THANK YOU!!!

Richard Curthoys BSc Estates Manager, Elm Group

I recently had the pleasure of receiving 10 hours of training in one day from Phil Berg and every second was brilliant.
His pace of delivery, his subject knowledge, his focus on every delegate was superb. To sum up, at the end of the day I was “tired but inspired”. Thanks Phil

Adrian Peck I’m the extra hours business owners need to get strategic plans formulated and executed

I had the pleasure of meeting Phil at BNI Training in January 2012. He’s got a great style and way of delivering training which is very engaging and effective to get the key learning points across. His years of experience he imparted on me, particularly BNI, has put me in great stead for launching my own Chapter and improving my presentation skills.

Michael Moradian Marketing & Print Advisor

Wow – Phil takes business training training to a new level by helping people know how to communicate and create deeper business relationship to be more effective at winning business.

His down to earth, chirpy and easy style, helps his audience engage and connect with him in a way that is rare among business speakers. He is not evangelical – just open, honest & truthful – the best way to be.

If you get a chance to listen to him – grab the opportunity with both hands – it will be time well spent.

Pedro Parra BNI Executive Director – Murcia – Alicante – Valencia

This is Pedro Parra from BNI Murica and last Agost 2012 I went to a Formation with Phil. The true is that when Tiago Cunha told me that we were going to have the opportunity to have a Phil in Spain I thoght that It was fantastic but as I did not know Phil I didn´t undertand Tiago when he told to me that Phil is one of the best Director´s BNI of the world. Now l know Phil as a person and as a profesional I have to say that he is one of the best profesional that I have ever known and the formation he gave us was one of the amazing formation I have done ever.
Thank you very much Phil those two days was so good for me.

Raphael Phillips Raphael Phillips at Houseman Properties

I have had the pleasure of attending various BNI training events. Simply put he is the best traininer in his field. I look forward to many more events.

Martin Slane Master Locksmith at IKS Locksmiths

I attended a workshop hosted by Phil. His high energy enthusiasim as well as knowledge of helping us achieve our goals was nothing short of remarkable. Whilst keeping a positive approach his work was more geared towards action and what everyone in the group could do to assist other people in their BNI chapter.

Phil is very Passionate about making money for other people and it certainly proves the ‘givers gain’ concept has worked for him-by making other people money he has been rewarded also.

Kim Campion Homeopath, EFT Practitioner at the Alternative

Phil ran a training workshop that I attended last week and I’m writing this recommendation to encourage any BNI member who gets the opportunity to attend a training by Phil to do it!
Phil is passionate about BNI and, as someone who earned over £300,000 each year of his membership, he certainly knows how to make BNI work.
His advice is practical and simple to implement. His enthusiasm is infectious and his style is inspiring.
If you want to make the most of your BNI membership, Phil is the man to help you.

Vladimir Galka Telling your Story | Business Video | Wedding Video | Live Event Video | Real Estate Video | London

I attended two training workshops which Phil conducted. I can say two things which impressed me – professionalism and deep desire to help others to get the presented material. I am so grateful to Phil for organising Linkedin workshop which helped me to get more referrals to others. His way of thinking about others should be embraced by every business person.

Solveig McCormick PA to National Director and National Admin at BNI in South Africa supporting BNIConnect.

Phil has a powerful style of presentation that leaves you thoroughly motivated. His speaking skills are superb and he has collected scores of quotes he calls nuggets which are very insightful and inspirational. He was trainer at BNI Rickmansworth when I attended in 2010 and then I heard him in 2011 in Tel Aviv at the Israel international conference.

Both were powerful and left me feeling enlightened. Having flown from Cape Town to Tel Aviv to hear Phil Berg, Dr. Ivan R. Misner and Sam Schwartz at the same event, you can imagine that I felt my flight costs had been well spent half way through the day.

We have invited him to speak in Cape Town in 2013 and are looking forward to him setting South Africans on fire.

Simon Cox Lets talk about marketing solutions!

I have just attended a training session at BNI HQ with Phil and have left with some amazing ideas, feeling extremely motivated and have learned some fantastic tips and techniques to help me develop as a person.

I felt at ease with Phil from the first minute due to his professional, passionate, motivated and enthusiastic attitude to helping others via his training techniques and tips.

I would fully recommend Phil to all my clients should they have a requirement.

A top professional.

Geoff Cousens Expert in Energy saving Lighting

Phil is the best motivational speaker and business coach , His high speed, high energy, training courses are so entertaining that 3hours goes in a blink of the eye.Thanks Phil, I look forward to many more courses.My staff here at Watford Electrical Solutions have noticed me doing things differently,most have known me for 20 years+.My customer interaction has changed, I am far more positive and direct. That is the “Phil effect”
I would always recommend Phil, as he has been a huge bonus as part of my BNI journey.

Paul Alsop Director at YC Business Solutions, Synergy Telecoms, Fresh NRG

I had heard a great deal about Phil and his passion for business and abilitiy to convey his message prior to Tuesday but I have to be honest it all fell well short of the mark.

Having sat through a full day of a Seminar presented by Phil I would classify him as a “MUST SEE or MUST LISTEN TOO” if your ever presented with that as an opportunity.

Phils approach is always in plain english, he makes the whole process of sales and marketing simple and easy to understand. In my experience this is a rare talent as far to many people attempt to over complicate things.

As motivational speakers and trainers go I would put Phil up there with the likes of the late Jim Rohn.

Thanks for your time on Tuesday.

Rani Dabrai Owner Miss Moneypenny | Worldwide Virtual Assistant Agency | Owner Out &Proud PR | Public Relations Consultant | Author

I had the pleasure of being trained by Phil last year for my role as Assistant Director for BNI.

Phil was a phenomenal trainer and I honestly got so much out of his session. His energy, enthusiasm, integrity and admirable knowledge have stayed with me over the last year and I would recommend Phil with no hesitation.

Jon Peterman Bringing you the time & toolbox to deliver your full business potential Via ICON Business Solutions

The training session I recently attended run by Phil was extremely valuable to me not just in terms of my BNI activity but in general as part of my business education. Having spent over 20 years in the operational side of the corporate sector I had not had hands on sales experience. I am now running my own business and am on the front line as someone who has to sell. The manner in which Phil presented the session helped me focus my activity and think outside the box. There was a good mix of knowledge transfer, real life examples and delegate participation. I strongly recommend all BNI members to take full advantage of the opportunities they have to attend a training session run by Phil.

David Cunningham Proprietor Truska Enterprises

I have attended several training sessions with Phil now through the BNI Network and have found them all to be inspiring, on target and generally very very good.
Phil really does walks the walk and talks the talk. Been there done that and done it well it seems.
Phils means and methods of getting the message over are most effective with good real life examples drawn from his own experiences, those of others in BNI and most impresively extracted from those in the room – could not be more real than that.
All in all if Phil vists Northern Ireland again for a BNI training event you will have to physically exclude to me keep me away.
Thanks Phill – you inspire……

Barry Daniels Product and Services Manager at Exponential-e

Phil is an oustanding trainer who delivers what he promises and works with you in clear uncomplicated style.

As a man who has been a business leader he has insight to drive you to your goals and ambition.

Simply put Phil will never let you down and more than pay for himself with the results you will achieve!

Jon Boys CEO at The VA Partnership Limited

I have had the pleasure of being trained by Phil on many occasions. I have been in the training and public speaking world myself for over 30 years and have heard great trainers all over the world. Phil is one of the best in the business. His training is direct, on target and full of great wisdom with humour abounding. This to me it the best way to get your audience to retain the information you are passing on to them. Highly recommended as one of the top networking and teamwork trainers around today. Phil is Mr Network!

Rita Sedani Partner at Spoken4 – Supplying Voiceovers/Actors

In the last month or so I have gotten to know Phil Berg and have found him to be friendly, warm and easy to get along with. I was quick to recognise Phil as someone worth getting to know and after having a 30 minute one to one with him, I would highly recommend him and his company I found my time with him invaluable and his advise has already had a massive impact on my business and on my networking skills. Phil is without a doubt one of the most inspirational, dynamic individuals I know and I can only hope to continue to work with him in the future

Michael Moradian Marketing & Print Advisor

Phil has a down to earth approach and and easy style, that engages and connects with his audience.

It is this connection – which is so different from the “evangelist preacher style” that marks Phil out as an effective leader of change. Mix in with the quick quip – and you have a great combination as a motivational speaker.

Having heard Phil a few times – I always learn something and looked at situations with a new slant.

Alan Gold

Phil is a dynamic people centred person, an inspiring trainer and a superb networker. I was proud to be counted as a friend and a colleague.

Mark Kerr Business Networking | BNI Manchester | Word Of Mouth Marketing | Networking Events

Phil is without doubt the most inspirational speaker I have ever heard about BNI. He really helps members achieve what they want through BNI, whether it be growing their business, improving their own chapter or their region. If he is speaking within 100 miles of you, go and listen to him. Total refund if not completely overwhelmed.

Paul Goodman Corporate Finance Consultant | Peer to Peer Funding | Turnaround Practitioner | NACFB Vice Chairman

I have recently had the absolute pleasure of hearing Phil speak at a BNI training day. His approach, enthusiasm and obvious knowledge made the 10 hour session not only rewarding but enjoyable as well. After the training I was left with the tools and drive to assist my fellow members in BNI and am really looking forward to putting Phil’s techniques into practice. If you have not heard Phil speak before, then I would seriously recommend that you look to book onto some of his future events. Thanks Phil.

Jon Majeika International team leader / business owner / freelance business & IT consultant /

I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Phil speak in his role as National Training Director at BNI. Actually Phil is the reason taht I am still a member. Using Phil’s advice on how to obtain more referrals for my fellow members “by doing nothing” has re-energised me to take more action in helping my colleagues.
I’ve also spoken to Phil on a one to one basis and he helped me to overcome a challenge that I had in my own business. He is generous with sharing his knowledge and I consider him a good friend.

Thanks Phil

Pam Russell, MBA Pam is a Client Engagement Expert, Speaker, Author and a Follow Up Specialist.

I have had the distinct privilege of participating in two presentations given by Phil Berg at the BNI International Conference, once in 2008 and the other just recently in 2009. Phil’s ability to pull together a motivating presentation and to enthrall his audience is outstanding! His professionalism, sense of humor, timing, and creativity shine through in his work, and it is without reservation that I wholeheartedly recommend Phil Berg. If you have need for a motivating presentation, Phil is your man!

Rajeswer Naidu Expert Internet Marketer, I help double your business with less or no money spent on marketing!

Phil visited India in June 2012 and conducted various training sessions for the members of BNI (Business Network International). I had attened one of his programs “BNI Directors Training”.

His training was highly effective. I would say, “the 2 days we had spent with him were invaluable and has changed the way I thought about business and dealing with people.”

I strongly recommend his services for any or all the categories he has mentioned. He delivers what he promises.

Angie Montana Managing Director Montana KitchensBNI Director Consultant LNE

I have been a member of BNI for 9 years, and throughout my journey in BNI, I have attended many workshops that Phil has run. All I can say is that you have to listen carefully to what Phil says. Then think carefully about how you can best apply his seasoned advise and knowledgeable experience to your own business…..because what he says makes sense, and thus, has helped me in my own business.

A ‘Great Entrepreneur’.

Tinus Kouwenberg Creative Director StickerCompany

I learned from Phil to do different things than usual so i write the reccomandation in Dutch.

Op de BNI ledendag brabant op vrijdag de 13e heeft Phil een lezing gegeven met als doel: mensen helpen hun pensioen te halen….

Phil,is simpel:

Tip stel jezelf 1 doel en doe deze beter dan je ze ervoor deed.

doe ze dan zo dat mensen je herinneren…

Belangrijkste tip van mij voor Phil, gebruik mijn visitekaarte en vertel dat dit het lelijkste kaartje is wat je ooit heb gehad. Hij zal mij nooit meer vergeten..

Phil will reccomment me 2

Let’s stick together

Carl Evans Franchisee Business Owner at Cartridge World Stoke-on-Trent

I met Phil Berg as a colleague in BNI (Business Network International) during an initial director training course. What struck me about him was his forthright nature coupled with an obvious sincerity and desire to help me achieve more.

As an Executive Director for BNI in Staffordshire & Shropshire I have come to respect Phil for the knowledge and skills he possesses as a trainer and professional speaker. I have seen Phil speak and present on many occasions and I have commissioned Phil to come to the region to present to my own colleagues. The response has been positive and motivational. I still hear colleagues make reference to Phil’s material and use it regularly.

You can employ Phil with confidence because he will do what he says he will do and he won’t do things he doesn’t feel comfortable with. You get what it states on the can. Brilliant speaker and presenter committed to making sure you achieve what you have engaged him to deliver.

Noel Scanlon Projects Manager at Bruce Shaw

I have been fortunate enough to have Phil work with me and mentor me in my role as an Area Director in BNI , and it is through his training and support that i have gained the knowledge and skills required to help our members get maximum value from their membership, Phil has always been available to take a call or answer an e-mail, Are you looking for someone for a speaking engagement, to inspire your staff or help get more sales?, then Phil is the guy you need, I would give him my highest recommendation

Murray Wilkinson Owner,CAMARGUE GROUP, Specialising in reducing vehicle costs

I always find Phil s focus and motivation both educational and enlightening. My very first Director training was by Phil and since then I always have great “Take Aways” from any of his sessions at HQ or indeed at any of our conferences. Phil s knowledge of Bni is quite simply breathtaking together with his focus for helping us all develop in our roles as directors. Very Happy to recommend.

Adam Strong Adam Strong is a Health and Wellness Expert, International Author, Corporate Fitness Specialist And Athlete

I have known Phil through the BNI network, what I particular like about Phil is his direct approach. He puts people first and is always thinking about others. He is task orientated and a driven individual, he will challenge you if something is not working but offers some great solutions and advice.

Mark Gibson Director Nacional (Propietario), BNI España

Phil is massively successful at helping business owners to be massively successful. He has the knack of putting seemingly complex concepts into very simple, understandable and implementable terms. If you are not involved in some way in Phil’s businesses, you need to ask yourself how much longer can you afford for this situation to continue! Congratulations Phil on an amazing attitude and track record.

Janet Horsley Development Underwriter at UnderwriteMe

On two occasions in the last month I have had the privilege of attending a training event run by Phil. His energy and enthusiasm are remarkable. The most recent event I attended was a 10 hour day of leadership team training for my BNI chapter and I can honestly say he had my attention for the entire 10 hours! His style is very engaging and what he delivers is truly inspirational. Even when he isn’t officially doing sales training he serves up a steady stream of “nuggets” which result in frequent “lightbulb” moments for me! If you get the opportunity to attend one of Phil’s courses, don’t think twice.

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